Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kid biomechanics

Tonight I was sitting on the bed with my baby daughter, and when I got up, I helped her down by holding her hand and basically lifting her off the bed and setting her down. Got me thinking: what if someone did that to me? Like a gigantic hand coming down, grabbing my hand and just lifting me up by one arm? I would be totally messed up! But my daughter didn't mind at all. Just another example of how kids are just put together a little bit differently. Don't believe me? Try going on some monkey bars sometime–I did that once a little while ago, and it was painful in ways both cruel and unusual. Probably some interesting biophysics there.

Oh, and I wish I had a bunch of pictures of all the weird positions my kids have fallen asleep in. Here's one I found on the internet that captures the spirit.

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