Monday, March 31, 2014

Musings about Chipotle

Just went to Chipotle, one of my children's favorite places to eat. Decent burritos, etc. Here are a few things I've noticed about Chipotle:

  1. You can always ask for vegetables on anything. Very delicious grilled onions and peppers. A must add.
  2. I've been getting double beans (pinto, natch), hold the rice on my burritos, and I LOVE it. I don't like the rice so much, so this is great. But there's a problem: the beans are juicy and there's no rice to soak it up, so be prepared for, umm, breaches in hull integrity. Double beans has a number of other side effects as well.
  3. Kids meals are seriously the best deal ever. Tacos/quesadillas with a side of rice, beans, salsa, chips and milk.  All for something like $4-5. I can't tell you the exact price because I don't know it. Literally every time I go through the line, I pay a different amount, depending on whether the count some stuff as sides or extras. Whatever–it's a good deal no matter what.
  4. Paul in lab has told me that there's something called the quesarrito, which is a burrito that is wrapped in cheese sandwiched between two tortillas. Sounds divine! But I've never ordered one. I think I keep forgetting, and Paul also said they only like to do it when there's not a lot of people around because it's a bit slow. I gotta try it, sometime, though.

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