Sunday, October 12, 2014

Disabled Google Plus comments

Hi there readers,

Quite some time ago, I enabled Google Plus comments on this blog, not fully knowing exactly what that would do. Seemed like a good feature, I thought. Only just recently did I realize that it required people to be on Google Plus to leave a comment, which really sucks. So I'm disabling that feature, because I know it discourages some commenters (like my mom). Sadly, this means that virtually all the comments on the posts for the last however long will be gone (which is why I was reluctant to switch). So sorry about this! Just want to say that I really appreciate all the comments that people have left here, and the only bright spot in doing this is that maybe this will result in more people leaving comments. If there isn't any uptick in comments, I'll re-enable the feature and all the old comments will come back.


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