Friday, January 16, 2015

Gordon Conference turns graduate student into crazy reptile lady

Just got back from a cool Gordon conference on Stochastic Physics in Biology with a couple students in the lab. Lots of interesting science, and lots of cool people to talk with as well!

The food was overall really good, but one day, we decided to go get some Mexican food from a local taco shack. Delicious! On the way back, we noticed a little store on the side of the road called "Exotic Emporium". When we went inside, what did we find but a reptile pet store. Olivia fell in love with those little critters, and here's the evidence:

"Hello, strange lizard":

"That is a large snake!"

"I think I like snakes."

"Okay, put the snake around your neck then." "Umm, okay..."

"The colors! The colors!"

"Can I keep it?"

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