Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New York Gyro lost... and found!

We had some serious issues in the lab over the last several months. In mid-June, our favorite food truck (okay, Ally's and mine), New York Gyro, disappeared from the corner of 38th and Walnut, only to be replaced by some other New York Gyro guy. Okay, no big deal, one New York Gyro is as good as the next, right? Oh, how so very naive, my friend. There is this New York Gyro (affectionately referred to as "Far Gyro" because it's sort of, well, far), and then there's everyone else. His chicken over rice is hands-down the best. And a free drink?! What more can you ask for. So we thought, okay, he's leaving for Ramandan, no big deal. Well, Ramadan came and went, but no Far Gyro. At first, well, maybe he tacked on a vacation. Then maybe it was some family thing. Then... well, let's just say we were hoping that he had somehow gotten bumped off his spot and was out there, somewhere, waiting for us to find him. It got to the point where Martha (from the Winkelstein lab) made this sign:

Meanwhile, some usurper had taken his place, driving down the ratings on Yelp for New York Gyro on 38th and Walnut. Blasphemy! And then...

Found Gyro

Far Gyro is now Super Far Gyro, having resurfaced on 41st and Walnut! Rohit just happened to see him because he lives right there. Well worth the additional 3 blocks of walking. Whew.

Anyway, if you have never been to this particular truck, give it a try sometime. Chicken over rice, all the sauces, hold the lettuce (well, that last part is just for me–I have boycotted lettuce as a waste of precious time and space).

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