Friday, April 12, 2013

Live like a billionaire

Sometimes I think about how economists think people act, and I get sort of depressed.  I think there's some notion that time is money, and that your time is worth $X per hour and if you could get someone else to do the job for less, you should pay them.  That way, supposedly you spend more time on the things that you are "best" at.  That got me thinking, though: what if you're a billionaire?  What if every moment of your life is "worth" an enormous amount, like $100,000 per hour?  What do you do with your time when basically doing anything is not really worth your time?

I have to say that I consider myself very lucky that I really enjoy most of what I do day to day (doing science with smart and talented people), and I'd keep doing it if I were a billionaire tomorrow.  But I'd definitely pay someone to fold the laundry.

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