Sunday, April 7, 2013

Single molecule RNA FISH website

I had written an earlier blog post to answer some basic questions that people have about single molecule RNA FISH.  I think it was useful to at least some people, so I've decided to expand the idea to an entire website.  It has a series of answers to frequently asked questions about everything from basic science questions to imaging tips and the such.  And it also has links to some nice pictures from the lab!  Comments welcome.


  1. Hello Arjun,

    Saw and read your articel in Nature Methods vol 10 #3. Its unusual to have multiple copies of chromosomes, isn't it? The cells you worked on are foreskin fibroblasts...these are immortalised cells...cancerous, arn't they? Have you tied your experiments in NORMAL cells? can your technique be applied to tissues or nucleated cells from blood. Probably you are already doing that!

    Very exciting work! thanks.

    1. Thanks for reading our work! We actually performed experiments on both human foreskin fibroblasts, which are "normal" primary cells (and not immortalized) and on HeLa cells, which are of course pretty messed up. We tried it a bit in tissue and in B cells and saw some promising results as well, although background is of course higher in those situations...