Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A dream about meeting an editor from Science

We just submitted a paper to Science about a week ago, and it's currently sitting in editorial review. Actually haven't been thinking about it all that much–as always, the chances of going to review are miniscule, so I'm not getting our hopes up. But I did have a dream about it last night. I dreamt that I was somehow in the neighborhood of Science HQ, which was a nice little wooden house in a sunny and quiet part of town. I walked in and some editor guy was sitting behind a nice big desk. I said hello and then I asked somewhat sheepishly "So, have you decided on whether to review our manuscript?" To which he crinkled his face and said "Well..." Then he called out to someone in the bathroom: "Hey Bev [Beverly Purnell, editor likely to be the one looking at this manuscript], what do you think, should we send this paper out to review?" She called out "No". Then he wrote a big NO on the manuscript and handed it to me. "Sorry."

Now I was faced with a fork in the road. I could walk out with my tail between my legs (think with your head) or put up a fight (think with your heart). This being a dream, I opted for the latter. I got mildly belligerent, saying "What do you mean, no? This work is absolutely fundamental! It's so important! This is so much more important than all those 'protein X interacts with protein Y to do Z' papers you guys publish!" He looked at me and hemmed and hawed a bit. It became very awkward for both of us. After a few moments pause, I said, "Next time, I should probably just wait for the e-mail, right?" To which he replied "Yeah."

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