Saturday, May 3, 2014

How much is my time as a reviewer worth according to Oxford Press?

Just got a paper to review with the following heretofore unusual addendum:
A prompt and useful review that is received within 14 days will entitle you to either a free CD (Chandos catalogue) or a £5 discount on a OUP book. (Remuneration takes place annually.)
Man, that really swings the needle... ;)

Seriously, a $10 DISCOUNT ON A BOOK?!? From just one particular publisher? Jeez guys, don't break the bank on my account. If you spend 3 hours reviewing the paper, they're valuing your time at $3 per hour. Irony is that it probably costs them more to process the payment than the "payment" itself.

Then again, this is infinity fold more than I usually get. Too bad they didn't offer free pizza. Now that's a bribe I can get behind.

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