Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dishwashers are all the same

Last weekend, I was quite proud of myself for fixing our dishwasher. We thought it was on its last legs because it was not cleaning very well at all. So, of course, I turned to Google and after typing in "Kenmore dishwasher not cleaning well", I found this terrific video explaining how to clean our your dishwasher after some moderately involved disassembly with a T15 Torx head screwdriver. It was totally gross in there! But after cleaning it out, back to normal and working just as good as new (yes, I'm very proud of myself, even if just meant following some simple instructions). How amazing is that, I thought, to just Google for a few minutes and come across the perfect live demonstration of how to clean exactly my kind of dishwasher? Turns out, though, that underneath the hood, all these dishwashers are the same! The all use the same metal innards and the same basic assemblies, just with some extra bells and whistles added or removed from various models. Kind of weird, no?

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